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"Rowena had the most gentle touch out of all the acupuncturists I have visited. She has a very calming personality too, which is a really great compliment to the relaxation experience. She's very knowledgeable about Chinese Medicine and holistic health; she asks a lot of questions to get to the root of health issues and she finds connections I wouldn't have thought of. I have also done the cupping treatment with her and I feel like brand new after. She uses enough pressure to aid circulation and the experience is quite relaxing. I can't recommend her enough!"


- Liliana Wong

"I strongly recommend Rowena for any of her treatments. She treated me for insomnia and anxiety with acupuncture and cupping, she was very careful about the amount of pressure being used by the cuppung. Her work space was very clean with relaxing music. After two treatments I noticed the benefits right away."


- Joanne Johnson

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